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Introduction to GLAMpipe


The initial development was funded by Wikimedia Foundation grant in 2016. GLAMpipe was designed to be alternative for GlamWikiToolset for commons uploads.

The project was practically dead couple of years due time constraints, but it is now actively developed.

What propblem GLAMpipe tries to solve?

GLAMpipe wants to be a simple, but extremely flexible tool for data browsing and transformations. In order to achieve this, GLAMpipe applies onion model for its user experience.

  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface for all users
  • Scripting supported in GUI for those who know a little bit javascript
  • Full REST API for programmers
  • Software library for (really interested) programmers

Projects, collections and nodes

Project in GLAMpipe is a organisational tool that allow user to group collections and give a name to that group.

Collection is where data lives. In technical sense, a collection is a MongoDB collection + nodes.

Nodes are building blocks for importing, manipulating, viewing and exporting data in GLAMpipe. Nodes are small pieces of code with their own user interface. Nodes are attached to collection.

Spreadsheet terms to GLAMpipe terms

If you are used to think in terms of spreadsheets, then sheet is a collection in GLAMpipe and row in a sheet is one document in GLAMpipe. Also, a column in spreadsheet correspondences to a field in GLAMpipe.