Process data


Add a row
Add a row of data to a field if a search criteria is met.

Concatenate fields
Concatenate string fields with other strings.

Combine fields to an array
Combine values from fields to an array.

Count characters
Count characters of a field.

Check if a field has a value
Boolean value based on a field value.

Detect language
Detect language of a field. Please note that detection is not reliable for short texts.

Regexp extract
Extract a string based on a regular expression.

Search and Replace
Search and replace a string. You can use regular expressions.

Split field to an array.

Extract a string between two strings.

Wikimedia templates

Institution template
Format data for Wikimedia Commons Institution template.

Other date template
Format dates for Wikimedia Commons Other date template.

Creator template
Format data for Wikimedia Commons Creator template.

Create Wikimedia Commons metadata template
Format data for Wikimedia Commons metadata templates.

Files & documents

Create file checksums (SHA1, MD5)
Calculate checksums for files. Only works for local files.


Annif lookup
Get subjec suggestions from Annif (FINNA-based)

Melinda lookup
Get metadata of based ISBN or ISSN from Union Catalogue of Finnish Libraries API

Check URL
Make a HEAD request to an URL and save the response code.

URL lookup
Fetch textual content from a URL to a field.

Match Wikidata (planned)
Reconcile the value of a field to items in Wikidata.

Wikidata lookup (planned)
Find values based on matches in Wikidata. You must first match Wikidata items using the Match Wikidata node.

Match Wikimedia Commons
Checks if file is already in Wikimedia Commons, using SHA1-checksum. First create checksums with the Create file checksums node.